Our online store showcases some of the best products designed and handcrafted in New Zealand. We have always believed that the essence of a country can be seen through the handcrafted products of the country. New Zealand is culturally diverse and spectacularly scenic. Nature crafted New Zealand with a surreal beauty and a wealth of the most magnificent sights one can ever hope to see. It is a dream destination and an adventure hub for nearly all kinds of travelers since the country literally has it all – coves, mountains, beaches, lakes, glaciers, cities, and more.

The products we list on our site reflect the beauty and culture of New Zealand. Our aim is to enlighten our customers and visitors about the various type of handcrafted products that are produced in the country. Along with each product that we list, we include striking images and informative write-ups about the art, tradition, and techniques behind that specific product. Handcrafting is not merely an occupation that requires special skills, it also carries with it the history and tradition of the place where it comes from.


Our organization is committed to safety and is focused on the centuries of traditions that lend themselves to the creation of the products we offer. We pride ourselves on the superior quality of the materials we use for our products and well as the excellent craftsmanship and talent that go into every single handcraft product listed on the site. Thus, by purchasing a piece on our site, you will enjoy a treasure from the country. We offer an eclectic collection aimed at nurturing and spreading the cultural charisma of the country.

Each piece that we offer reflects our philosophy of ultimate customer satisfaction. We carefully selected every single piece and ensured that it handcrafted by our local artisans who also take extra care in detail and personalization. Some of them are known throughout the world for their distinctive style and craftsmanship, while others are budding artists who want to make their mark on the local handicraft scene.

Our Products

The company has been founded to showcase the heritage and culture of New Zealand. We aim to serve as a window to the glorious art, artifacts, and handmade products that represent the New Zealand ethnic charm. Our products are famous across the world for their intricate designs, undeniable personality, and earthy appeal. They are made from a wide range of materials including metals, wood, and glass.

Created with impeccable quality and attention to detail, our products aim to give you a slice of the New Zealand heritage and culture right in the comfort of your own home. We ensure that every product that we sell has that personal charm and touch that only something made from New Zealand can offer. We believe in supporting local commerce and thus source our products only from reliable, skilled, and experienced local artisans. Thus, we only choose products from talented local artisans who believe in our philosophy of customer service and superior quality.

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About Us

Our team is comprised of people with strong ties to the local culture. We have a healthy respect and admiration for local talent, which is why the store aims to be a venue where they can showcase their passion and skill to a much larger audience. We choose products that conform to our strict standards of quality, attention to detail, and reliability.

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